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Plastic injection moulded PA46 parts
Polyamide 46 resin PA46 TW241F3 for Pump parts
The High Heat Resistant Automotive plastics Polyamide 46 (PA46)
Polyamide 46 resin can provide unmatched performance and value for demanding applications in which superior heat resistance, design stiffness, wear & friction and process flow qualities are required. So it is widely used for applications in automotive, E&E, gears and outdoor power equipments.
Polyamide 46 retains its mechanical properties at high temperatures up to 220°C, this makes it ideal for extremely high-performance applications, where it outperforms PPA, PA6T, PA9T, and often PPS and LCP.
Polyamide 46 (PA46) Resin Typical Characteristics:
1: Thermal properties :high stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures.
2: Mechanical properties :high weld line strength
3: Chemical resistance: PA46 resin is resistant to all commonly used fluids in automotive, including CaCl2.
4: Electrical properties : excellent electrical properties and conforms
5: Moisture resistance
6: Flame retardancy
7: Wear resistance
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